Bobby is a radiant and always smiling kid, but there are things he is still not able to enjoy.

He cannot run freely with his peers, play the ball and whatever, at the moment this is impossible because of his illness.

Bobby was born at 32 gestational week, only 1300 grams. After 46day stay in the neonatology ward at the OG hospital in Ruse, he came home to his mom and dad.

We were glad for a short while, because a month later, an emergency inguinal hernia operation was required.

We thought our nightmare ended here, but when he became a year and 4 months, he was finally diagnosed with cerebral palsy – moderate quadriparesis.

Currently, Bobby needs daily rehabilitation, which we carry out in a specialized kinesitherapy office in Ruse.

We aim to visit the center for disabled children RIBEM in Turkey, but it is impossible for our family. We share our story in order to reach out to good people to help make our dream come true – namely Bobby can run freely and be a healthy kid!

We believe that we will succeed with the help of all of you – people with big hearts!

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